Writing: a way to communicate with the future

by Mr. Sheehy

I think writing is so important that I’m writing a type of book to my daughter. I jot down the things I see that I find interesting, intriguing, or funny and write them in a book that I will give to her when she is old enough to appreciate it. For example, today I’m writing about how much she loves to tickle people’s feet – so much so that I am beginning to call her my baby podiatrist. Also, it is here I will record the details of when she used plastic Smurfs as deodorant, mimicking her mother’s and my morning routines.

The book will act as a way for me to communicate with this child who can understand only a few words and concepts at the time I think the thoughts , and it will act as a record of some of the interesting things about her life that she will never remember or otherwise know happened. Who knows? Maybe you’ll never use the skills you learn in my class for anything other than communicating effectively with your family. But even if that’s all you use those skills for, isn’t that enough? You may not think so today, but call me in 20 years and let me know what you think then.