Trying to get the hang of this

by Mr. Sheehy

We’re in week two of having students in this new covid-education model, and I’m trying to get the hang of it.

Today, my seniors pointed out that I was wearing my mask backwards. It’s a simple surgical mask, and I have now been wearing it backwards for at least two weeks. It’s never too late to make a change, though, I hope?

I rubbed hand sanitizer in my eye yesterday.

On the first day (well, the third of four first days, with the way our schedule is arranged) I didn’t recognize a student I’d had in class last year. I called her name out from the attendance sheet and scanned the room, but I couldn’t find her anywhere. Then this other girl raised her hand. Oh, I realized. That’s her. She’d dyed and straightened her hair, and with the mask, I had only her eyes left to identify her. I’m not observant enough to catch that, though. I could be in real trouble learning names this year.

Talking to a room full of people with a mask wears me out, and I spend half the time wrestling with and adjusting the mask. I am finding myself favoring lesson plans for in-person class that involve my saying nothing.

I interviewed a former student about The Road and have assigned listening to it to my current students. He’s read the book numerous times, so he’s an expert. I’d love to do more of this–inviting former students to be visiting experts on relevant topics.