My Book Broke

by Mr. Sheehy

I had a problem with the book I was reading over the break.

It broke.

So that was problematic. The night it happened I jumped online and bought another copy (used—$4) but it took a couple weeks to arrive. I’ve been milling about not wanting to start another book because I really want to read this one (it’s The Glorious Cause by Robert Middlekauff). I had markings in it but now those are basically lost since this one is destined to be a decoration in my classroom (I use old books for decorations–I’ll talk about that another day perhaps).

I tried to read this copy last night in bed but I was having to hold the left pages at the top to pin them against the cover, while resting it on my chest. My right hand had a firm grip on the right side and cover. Turning pages was slow, but it got me through 1/2 a chapter.

Thankfully today the new copy arrived.

But my daughter got through the old copy for school and I read 1/2, so we got our $4 out of it. And with the new one, we’re still only $8 in the hole.

So goes the life of the used book connoisseur. There are bumps in the road, but it’s worth it.