Books suggest the possibility that trouble can be survived

by Mr. Sheehy

And so I do what often do in this situation. I decide to read. Books were an early lifeline, and I turn to them regularly with a certain desperate hopefulness. People talk about reading as an escape from trouble. There’s more trouble in novels–and most other books–than anywhere else. Books aren’t even an escape from your own particular troubles, because a good book always makes you think about your own life while it pretends to distract you from it.

It’s just that books suggest the possibility that trouble can be survived, if you know what I mean. Or at least named. Books are more real for me than the rest of my life because they light up more parts of me than the rest of my life ever has. I mean, you can be little more than a damned cartoon figure and get along quite nicely in life–maybe even become president. (47)

from Daniel Taylor’s novel, Death Comes for the Deconstructionist