To those outside our subculture, we look odd

by Mr. Sheehy

We are all products of our subcultures. We all know the lingo and norms that brand us as part of subculture x. That’s the nature of culture. To someone who is outside of our subculture, we can look pretty odd, whether we’re gathering to dress up like superheroes, starting a church in a school auditorium, or getting together to compete in a Bible quizzing tournament. Interacting outside of our own bubbles is challenging, but sometimes it means simply taking the time to listen.

Carolyn Givens, at The Curator

It is interesting to apply Givens’s observation to the high school setting where I spend most of my day. The athletes think the drama kids are weird, the drama kids think the J-ROTC kids are strange, and the science-nerds think the fantasy-football fans are odd . . . and round and round it goes.