John Ortberg calls out the church for its almosts

by Mr. Sheehy

I wonder about the larger spiritual and moral eco-system of which what happened in Charleston is a tiny, damnable part. I wonder where the church is; at least the church I have known through my life. I wonder why the churches and college and seminary I was a part of look less like the kingdom of God—every tribe and tongue and people–than the military does. I wonder how many leaders in that church almost marched for the rights and dignity of all persons; how many sermons almost got preached; how many barriers almost got breached. I wonder why the networks and training and education and informal relationships of the church circles in which I serve still look as if the apostle had written… ‘He has almost torn down the dividing wall of hostility’; ‘you are almost one in Christ Jesus.’

– John Ortberg, writing beautifully and convincingly for Leadership Journal