A teacher who conveys that he’s learning something from you

by Mr. Sheehy

As a person, Lou was unique. I have never met anyone like him. He was a great storyteller, but he also listened. I think my daughter’s sketch above captures this listening quality. He was a spellbinding lecturer, giving important words an extra push not with increased loudness but with intensified enunciation. But he was even better as a seminar leader, and even better than that in one-on-one conversation, because he always conveyed the sense that, however stupid you thought yourself to be, he was learning something from you. And I believe that he was, that he saw things in his students and, more widely, in his friends, that they didn’t see in themselves. For me, that is the definition of grace.

from Joel Marcus, describing his former professor. I heartily agree with Wesley Hill’s sentiments on it: “If I could be half the mentor/teacher described in the last paragraph, I would count myself the luckiest.”