Tom Magliozzi’s joyous attitude and approach to everything

by Mr. Sheehy

He had this ability — he just laughed at everything all the time, he found funny things in everything. It was almost like he was battling with his laughter. He’d be trying to speak and the laughter would be kind of fighting him and trying to come, and then it would finally overcome him and he’d have this high-pitched ‘tee-hee,’ you know. It would just have to take over for a minute and then he’d get back to talking again. He just had such a joyous attitude and approach to everything. You put him anywhere and everybody around him would be having fun. You know it leaves a big hole. That’s the first thing that comes to mind. I mean there’s the whole intellectual side of what he brought. He was the friendliest anti-authority figure you would ever meet, you know he challenged everything, but he did it with a laugh. And he was incredibly honest, and again in his friendly and funny way would not tolerate b.s.

Doug Berman describing Tom Magliozzi, co-host of Car Talk. How I wish I could be more like Tom–so ready to laugh in the face of everything.