Four things I cherish about teaching

by Mr. Sheehy

Four things I cherish about teaching and have been privileged to enjoy this week:

Helping students choose a good book to read. Though I hesitate to recommend a book only on the basis of my liking it, I enjoy the challenge of probing for what a student might like and then matching them with a book that fits. Perhaps I would have made a decent real estate agent.

Hearing students’ stories. Today I mingled with my first block students and asked them what their greatest Halloween costumes were. I suppose a Charlotte Danielson domains evaluator might call this wasted instructional time. If so, I’m happy to be a better person than a teacher.

Helping students write better. This is the most difficult and most rewarding part of my work as a teacher. In a couple instances this week I felt like I was able to nudge students into organizing and articulating their thinking. I doubt the improvement is officially measurable, but if we keep at it, they’ll write better than they did last week.

Hall duty. I consider hall duty social time and people watching time. I say hi to current and former students and on Halloween I have seen Mario, clowns, witches, Pooh Bear, and more.

It’s a great job.