Andrew Sullivan asks if Civil Discourse is Possible

by Mr. Sheehy

When people’s lives and careers are subject to litmus tests, and fired if they do not publicly renounce what may well be their sincere conviction, we have crossed a line. This is McCarthyism applied by civil actors. This is the definition of intolerance. If a socially conservative private entity fired someone because they discovered he had donated against Prop 8, how would you feel? It’s staggering to me that a minority long persecuted for holding unpopular views can now turn around and persecute others for the exact same reason. If we cannot live and work alongside people with whom we deeply disagree, we are finished as a liberal society.

Comments from Andrew Sullivan regarding Mozilla’s asking Brendan Eich to resign. There’s lots in all this issue that’s interesting and suggestive of how things might operate in the not-so-distant future. It would be comforting if the discussion were operating like a discussion or debate instead of a battle.