A Servant’s Heart

by Mr. Sheehy

A servant’s heart is a rare thing. Not too many people really seek to sacrifice their own pleasures for the sake of others.

Years ago a young man, Adam, displayed his servant’s heart to my wife and me. We were visiting New Hampshire and he had a certificate for a free meal at the restaurant where he waited tables. He’d earned the certificate and decided that the best way to use it was to give it to us so that we could have a night out. I haven’t forgotten that blessing and doubt I will. He died in a car wreck days before our second child was born (four years ago) and that certificate is the microcosmic moment I remember him by.

Anyway, his parents are traveling to Alaska this summer and writing about it on a blog. They have mentioned him a few times and it appears that the affect of Adam’s servant’s heart has lasted much longer than his time in this world:

When we stopped for a campsite in Northway we were surprised when we went into the campground that there was no one else there. I mean NO ONE!! We are the only RV parked in this pretty large parking lot. We’re not too far off the road and the state troopers headquarters is across the street, but I have to say, it’s a little creepy. But there’s some unfinished business that Gary & I had to attend to this evening. When Adam went to Israel 4 years ago he had brought back gifts for many of us. He had brought us a bottle of wine. Kim knew about it and had taken it out of Adam’s bags when they arrived and hid it from us until our anniversary that year. We discussed when we would open it; maybe our 25 anniversary, maybe his one year anniversary of moving to heaven. We decided that when we arrived in Alaska that would be the appropriate time. The trip that he wanted his father to take so badly, we would open it and toast to our son. So here we are, four years later, fulfilling Gary’s dream of visiting Alaska and Adam’s desire for him to do it.
I made spaghetti with meat sauce, a salad and to Michael W. Smith playing in the background Gary opened the bottle of wine and we toasted to Adam and the inspiration for our trip. We cried all the way through dinner. Thank you Lord for a campground that is empty, a campsite all to ourselves to reflect and grieve.
Gary decided that we would finish the bottle this Sunday….. Father’s Day.