Give me a landscape made of obstacles

by Mr. Sheehy

I have a little bulletin board outside the door of my classroom, and periodically I get ambitious and try to fill it up. Currently I have peppered it with quotes and bits of wisdom concerning perseverance and hard work. I thought I’d pass along the contents for the fun of sharing and in case anyone wanted to take any of it.

The banner across the top quotes Dana Gioia’s poem, “Rough Country” and the poem itself is posted near the top of the board:

Give me a landscape made of obstacles!

I also have a brief two paragraph description of John Keats’s poetic endeavors, particularly the failure of his long poem, “Endymion,” which did not stop him from persevering but helped him improve for what he would do next.

Then I’ve got these two signs, created at Picnik from a couple of creative commons licensed images on Flickr.

They’re black and white because I don’t have a color printer here in my department, and I haven’t passed along the urls to the photos because I forgot to save them anywhere other than the fine print of the pictures and am admittedly too busy lazy to try to retype them.