Tis the season for Christmas tree battles

by Mr. Sheehy

I won’t be posting this week since I’ll be busy celebrating the birth of our Lord and Savior with my family, but I stumbled across a terribly amusing poetic outburst from Sally Thomas, called “Thus Saith the Lord,” that I wanted to recommend. It begins thus:

. . . and when thou risest up and goest forth from thy house,
and when, lo, thou dost purchase the tree,
yea, the tree of the lot, the tree of the marked-down price

because he who sitteth in the lot
in the rain and in the snow,
in the many forms of precipitation
which the Lord doth send upon the small towns,
which the Lord visiteth upon the municipalities
in the provinces and hinterlands,

he who selleth the trees of the lot,
and also the wreaths,
lo, he saith to himself, “I am wearied
with much  selling of the trees of the lot,
or perhaps with the not-so-much selling of the trees of the lot in the rain,
or as it were the snow, the sleet of the Atlantic seaboard,”
and behold, he hath caused the price of the sixty-dollar tree
to be fifteen dollars, a bargain —

and you’ll have to head to Sally’s blog for the rest.

It reminded me of two years ago while my wife was sick and pregnant with our youngest and my daughters and I attempted to decorate the tree. I captured the evening in an article here and thought I’d bring it out with the box of old Christmas decorations.

Merry Christmas, and thanks for reading.