No one tells it like David McCullough

by Mr. Sheehy

I just listened to David McCullough’s 1776 on CD and would like to offer an unapologetic and enthusiastic recommendation for anyone to read the book through this medium. I began consuming books-on-tape while exercising as a motivation to exercise, and it has greatly worked. I am so eager to move on with the book that I prioritize exercise–something I have not done in far too long. McCullough, some may know, narrated Ken Burns’s Civil War series, and for more than a decade his voice has possessed legendary status in my mind. Back in my radio announcing days I looked him up thinking he was a great voice over artist or announcer, and I was surprised to discover he was “just” a scholar and author.

Regarding 1776, which many consider a kind of companion work to the Pulitzer Prize winning John Adams, my only frustration with it was that it wasn’t 1776-1783. I am profoundly uneducated on the actual happenings of the American Revolution and would have loved to hear McCullough’s unrivaled voice tell me the entire thing.  He is an amazing guy, so amazing that I now actually want to read John Adams, despite the vast separation of its covers.