Teachers have time for the things they value

by Mr. Sheehy

In one class I am in teachers engaged a discussion about obstacles to innovating with and integrating technology in schools. The conversation was fairly predictable (I said nothing notable), revolving mostly around limited resources and time.  Then one gal, Mary Ann Hudziak, said this so well I was taken aback. I thought I’d pass it along, hopefully as an encouragement, and possibly as a rebuke to those of us who want to easily declare any shortcomings to a lack of time:

A few years ago, I would have given TIME as the number one obstacle.  I do not see this as number one in our district anymore.  Our teachers find the time for things they value.  This has been a great discovery for me because now I spend my energy working with staff to understand the value of things and the rest tends to fall into place.

I have had lots of trouble finding time to fix the faucet for the kitchen sink, or to continue repairing our basement, or to dig the trench in my yard to improve my roof’s drainage, or–well, I’ll stop the list there and figure that half of my point is made. I do manage to find time to play with my kids while my wife cooks dinner. Amazing dinner. Mmmm…

This shot actually wasn’t her creation, but it now can be because our guests  showed her how to make it as authentically Mexican as possible. And when my wife does decide to make it herself, I’ll have the time to play with the kids–as always.

Thanks for reading.