We teach them obedience for their sake, not ours

by Mr. Sheehy

Me, to the girls as I show them the following  photo on the camera: Now, girls, you know how we teach you to obey us and tell you how important it is to obey? Here’s another way someone could do it. Isn’t it better to obey?

Girls, nodding in amazement: Yeeeessss.

Jun 28 2009 086

We can teach kids right and wrong, or we can try to tie them up and restrain them as long as it lasts. The problem is, someday you have to release them from the leash, and at that point the strategy has not done the poor kids any favors.

Thanks to my brother-in-law for snapping this shot with our camera while my wife and I were with our children for their naps and rests. He said both these kids were at least kindergarten age. My, oh my.

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