A conversation about polictics, over two days

by Mr. Sheehy

J: I’m stressed. Election anxiety already.

Me: You can’t let that stuff get to you. You make your pick, and you wait patiently, ignoring all that cable TV kind of stuff.

J: Who did you pick?

Me: I don’t like either of them.

J: Lesser of two-evils kind of thing?

Me: I heard it best the other day–We’re not choosing between the lesser of two evils, we’re choosing the evil of two lessers.

A day passes

Me: You asked me who I supported for President, and it’s come to me!

J: Who?

Me: I’m writing in Dave Ramsey, so that in eight years the leaders of the Senate and House can gather in the Oval Office and the Budgeter-in-Chief can make them all yell in unison, “WE’RE DEBT FREE!”

J: We’re never gonna get out of debt.

Me: Yeah, but if Dave Ramsey were Presdient at least we’d be trying.