Times I wish I were a stay at home dad

by Mr. Sheehy

At lunch, our eldest was expressing to her mother how much she wanted to be a bridesmaid in her younger sister’s wedding (currently, she is four and her younger sister, our middle child, is two), but Mommy pointed out that you have to be asked in order to be a bridesmaid. Stumped, she tried to figure out how to make her sister ask her, when Mommy suggested that she could ask her sister to be her bridesmaid. Excited by the possibility, the eldest hopped out of her chair and ran over to her sister, who was strapped into her booster seat.

Eldest: “Middle, will you be my bridesmaid when I get married? Do you want to be my bridesmaid?”

Middle (thinking seriously about the offer, then speaking): “Mm, me eating mine cracker, doh.”

Eldest (undaunted): “It won’t be for a long time though. Do you want to?”

Middle: “Um-hm!”

Eldest (extremely excited, to Mommy): “She says, ‘Yes’!”