The quick story of our baby’s birth

by Mr. Sheehy

Just thought I’d post a bit of the official word that on Wednesday night my wife gave birth to our third child. She had been having contractions about 10 minutes apart all day but sometime before dinner they moved to about 6 minutes apart.

We put Gramma and Grampa on alert before dinner and told Eldest and Middle that Mommy might have to go to the hospital. They were as excited as you would expect, and later when K confirmed with Eldest that surely she would be going in, Eldest began running in all directions yelling out and bursting with noise. The highlight of this was when she would run over to Mommy, who had been kneeling to talk to her, and yell into her belly, “Baby Buddles! You’re going to come out tonight!”

With the baby out, I was fixated watching the hands, face, and feet, when my wife suddenly said, “It’s a boy.” Anyone could have detected the clear sense of marvel in her voice. Her comment snapped my attention to his male features, and I suddenly realized the oddity of it all. We have a boy? How weird.

Anyway, he was 7 pounds, 4 ounces and 19 ¼ inches long.

We have named him “Youngest”. We originally liked the name out of strong admiration for his Biblical namesake, but the more we learn of the name, the more we like it. The etymology tags it as meaning “The name [of God] is El” which in itself means little to me (El? What’s that?) but it means a whole bunch more when I realize that such a name refers to the power of God and ascribes that power to Him. Its tracing especially emphasizes the power of God and his ability and willingness to answer prayer. The short version of the story, then, is that his name is “Youngest,” because God is powerful.

Eldest and Middle are bubbling with excitement. They have colds but Eldest is washing her hands Jun 25 2008 028-1practically every 10 minutes so she can touch Baby Youngest. Middle does everything to Youngest that Eldest does, sometimes at the same time, which of course leads to some intimidating piles of love. They’ll learn quickly what is okay, we’re sure, but Youngest is also learning quickly that he is loved.

That’s the story. Everyone is healthy and Youngest’s circumcision and slightly above average levels of Billy Rueben (jaundice) have made him mostly sleepy.

I don’t know that I’ll be writing too much here since it’s so difficult to type with one hand, but I hope to dash off a few quick comments here and there through the summer, especially before I return to my summer world of furniture delivery.

Thanks for reading.