Tearing down the walls of opportunity

by Mr. Sheehy

While I often recommend applications and web tools on my blog, I have never to this point recommended anything that benefits me directly or financially. One might think I do this out of principle or ethics, but I prefer to claim that I do it out of lack of opportunity.

Today I aim to change that, because an opportunity has arisen. Actually, an opportunity has disappeared, and I plan to seize the cliché to its fullest. One door has closed, so I’m going to find the door that has opened. If it hasn’t opened, I plan to knock it in; that’s what this article is about.

The situation is this: I had hoped/planned to teach summer school this year. It was a decent opportunity for me to make some money doing what I do best, teaching. I was even going to be paid better than anything else would have paid me and my schedule was going to be lighter than other summer jobs demand – a great advantage with a baby coming any day now. All told, in the weeks approaching the last day of school, things looked good.

Until the summer school assistant principal called and told me the enrollment was low and my services would not be needed. I was aware this might happen but had been told there was a good deal of grant money available this year – meaning the chances were decent for enrollment to be up.

They weren’t decent enough. Or maybe I worked too hard during the regular school year and too many of my students passed. Either way I’m out of a job for the summer. In my whiniest moments I don’t enjoy summer. I complain about the heat, I complain about the search for a summer job, and I continually declare that I would rather just continue teaching if it would mean I could get two more pay checks.

But I am not writing today to complain. I am writing to offer you the services of a new company I have started. It’s called “The Unfinished Business.” For a meager fee, I will come to your house and unfinish your basement. You bought your house with a floor and walls, and I will come to your home and remove either or both!

I realize such a service may sound second rate, but I have been practicing thoroughly on our basement since the rain has been speeding through it on its way down the hill, and I use the industry’s most state of the art tools: a solid iron pry bar (a beautiful blue!), a large 16 oz. hammer, my father-in-law’s saber saw (sorry about the blade, by the way. I owe you one.), and a screw driver. I am careful not to damage anything upstairs, and when I cut into the drywall, I even remember to close your washer and dryer (eventually).

I work fast and I work sporadically, and I am willing to charge you the most competitive rates on the market.

I must explain that the business operates on a “take a look” philosophy, which means I am not able to offer you an estimate until after the work is completed. This is because to make an estimate I need to “take a look,” and in order to take a look, I need to dismantle your walls and floor.

Don’t let mold and rot and leaks hide in your life. Let me find them and throw them into a pile in your garage. Email me today to set up an appointment.