Great Attention Grabbers

by Mr. Sheehy

Students often struggle with the attention grabber — and rightly so, because making a good one is no easy task. I consider myself successful as a teacher if students just try something other than asking a question.

While grading research papers, I stumbled across a couple notable attention grabbers. The second one uses a question, but does so in such an amusing way that it matters not.

Painting a picture strategy

It is 2:00am and in the silence of the night a thick, slick bodied snake slithers through the bush with three sharp horns on its snout: this is the rhinoceros viper.

Giving a perspective

How would you feel if one day you woke up and BAM your home was being destroyed? Okay, so the chances of that actually happening to you aren’t very high. But to the fish in Canyon Lake, that possibility might become reality.


From a speech on how to shoot a bow:

Vegetarian. An old Indian word meaning, “One who can’t hunt.”