Listening to Romeo and Juliet

by Mr. Sheehy

Though I thought I would never do it, one class is listening to Romeo & Juliet on CD. It’s awful. Simply awful. The guy reading Benvolio has no life in him. You could recapture his character depiction by reading in straight monotone (think Ben Stein without the personality):

Part, fools
Put up your swords. You know not what you do.

To which we should respond, “And neither do you.” It’s one thing when students do this. As a student, you expect certain peers to be drab in their interpretations, and if necessary, a teacher like me intervenes at times to insist upon a more lively reading. With a CD however, you expect something better. Whenever this Benvolio speaks I’m tempted to hit stop and read all the parts. At least a falsetto from me would be . . . interesting? Maybe not, but the four and five year olds in children’s church are amused by it when I do puppet shows for them.

Thing is, there are only two students in class today, and neither of the boys want to be Juliet.

Oh well. I’ll hit play now.