Reading your reading levels and reading them too much

by Mr. Sheehy

Did you know what kinds of tools Google Docs has in it? I went to grab a word count for the paper I’m writing for my grad school project (I’m almost finished – soon all I’ll have left is the cutting, where I chop away half of what I’ve slaved to create for the past two weeks) and I discovered it has a reading level calculator!

google docs word count tool

As a teacher, I love this. It tells me my paper is written at a 12th grade reading level, but that the notes on author page citations that I have my 9th and 10th graders copy down are at a 3rd grade level. YES! This is fun.

But watch out – I might begin importing text from various sources to see what the unofficial reading levels are. I could see it as the next great way to evaluate Presidential debates.

Well, both Hillary and Barak spoke well in the debate last night, but reading level of Hillary’s statements was lower, which means while she likely connected better to the uneducated voter, the erudite vote might have been drawn to Barak.

It’s like baseball and Bill James have come to writing. It can’t be good.

By the way, the reading level of this article is 3. How did you do with it?

Thanks for reading.