Hating Hawthorne

by Mr. Sheehy

I’m grading essays that follow a unit called “Quizzical Writers” and one student holds a wonderfully amusing hatred of Nathaniel Hawthorne.

From his intro, explaining that many stories that have more there than you realize:

The further and further you get into the book, you will get annoyed like I do and throw the book across the room. Although if you actually read and piece together the parts the stories can be interesting, unless it’s Hawthorne. If it is, I advise you to throw the book.

From the paragraph addressing Hawthorne specifically:

One story that to me was the most annoying story was “The Minister’s Black Veil.” This story had a lot underneath all of the adjectives and confusion.

I realize he didn’t like it, but there’s some literary analysis occurring here – analysis of style.