Movie Trailer Man in my classroom and my blood

by Mr. Sheehy

A junior’s comment, said in a voice imitating the classic movie trailer man:

From the makers of the movie, ‘The Grudge” comes a movie exactly like the movie, ‘The Grudge.’

His comment immediately brought me back to my radio days and, in particular, to the funniest video clip I have ever seen. Seriously. The funniest thing I have ever seen. Granted this is what I find funny – I don’t expect anyone else to laugh like I continue to laugh at this video. The first time I saw it, I downloaded it on our dial-up connection and watched it maybe 20 times, doubling over in my computer chair, crying with laughter. I didn’t shut my computer off for two days because I wanted to continue rewatching it.

Of course, with that set up, there’s no chance you won’t be disappointed with the actual clip – but that’s okay. I still love it.

Why do I love this so much? Maybe because of my ties to radio – I can relate to his last comment: “No, I LIKE it in here!” and I love the little alternate reality of the announcing world. But maybe there’s some sort of psychological thing here. You see, my dad is a ham radio operator, and the images of him in my brain have him wearing an old, unbuttoned, button-down shirt over everything else, a pair of ragged slippers (held together by duct tape), and sitting in front of a microphone – just like the announcer in that spot. Add to it that this is my dad, and it’s a basic lock:

Anyway, while we’re on the topics of parody, cliche, and movie trailers, my students LOVE this little blurb, called “The Mother of All Movie Trailers.” I discovered it one time on The Movie Blog.

To keep all this relevant to one interested in teaching, however, I should add that if you long to use video in the classroom but can’t get to anything behind your state or district filter, use Zamzar, the world’s most wonderful file conversion site. By using the URL conversion, I can convert and download YouTube videos to my school computer despite never getting to the actual web page. Even if you can’t use Zamzar in school, the site enables you to convert the Flash files into an .avi file, save it at home, and bring in on a flash drive.

Okay, so I realize I keep adding to this post like it’ll never end, but here’s another great voice over bit. I love the pause and anticipation before the big “NOW” – but keep in mind, none of this other stuff gets me laughing nearly as hard as the trailer for “Comedian.”