One man’s work: Watching Ballet, Editing Wikipedia, and Climbing Mt. Everest

by Mr. Sheehy

I considered using my blog for a bit of a personal splurge about activities in my life, and then it occurred to me – this is my blog. My personal blog. And splurge I will.

I’m wearing glasses tonight, for the first time ever. I’m pretty happy with how they look, though since they’re reading glasses I don’t know how much people will be seeing me in them. Here’s your glance – posted especially for my mother, who is surely interested in how they look.

Tonight we went out to eat for the Pizza Hut Buffet, where kids eat free. We used a gift card a gracious colleague of mine gave me for Christmas, and that made it fun. In the end, though, such eating out experiences remind me how blessed I am to have a wife who cares about tasty food. It is exceedingly rare for me to eat out and order food that is better than what I’d eat at home.  I’m looking forward to our next night of homemade pizza.

Tomorrow morning I have the morning off to watch my eldest daughter dance at ballet class. Then on Thursday I have the morning off to watch my youngest child bounce around inside my wife’s abdomen. Blessed is the man whose quiver is full. I love teaching, but I love being a father more. I don’t know that my children will end up going to my high school, but I sure would have a good time with them if they were to end up having me as a teacher. Though I’d probably have to stop showing videos and pictures of them at that point.

While I am out, I designed a lesson for my students around Mt. Everest. They’re watching a 45 minute documentary film made in 1996 by David Breashears. I saw the film at the Boston Museum of Science’s IMAX theater in ’98 and thought it was amazing. I hope my students enjoy it, and I hope they extend and connect with the themes that are so prevalent in such pursuits – themes of values and choices. If nothing else, I hope they’re completely wowed by the gorgeous camera work of Breashears. That man is brilliant. (Note: if you dig Everest stuff, follow that link to my classes’ assignments and pick through the resources I’ve assembled. There are some awfully fun ways to spend an hour.)

And though I’m from New Hampshire and I remember when the Patriots “squished the fish” and were going to “bury the Bears” (I had a Bury the Bears t-shirt. In fact, this little tidbit of information has now become my first contribution to Wikipedia. I added it to the “pregame hype” section of the Super Bowl XX page.  Interesting what it takes to get you motivated. I need to get out of these parentheses now and finish my sentence.)  I didn’t get worked up over the Patriots’ loss to the Giants. I’m still on a super sports happy high from the Red Sox title. But I am not planning on calling my brother until I’m sure his bitterness has worn off.

I want to write a story for my children someday, but so far all I have been doing is writing down the adventures of my daily life. May it be enough for them if I fail to produce a novel.

Good night, all.