More uses for the web and your time

by Mr. Sheehy

I bumped into another fun web application today, this time on the Tumblelog of my old college adviser Alan Jacobs. Of course, as usual, when I say fun that means it doesn’t do anything of significant value besides entertain me. This one is called Word Perhect, and Jacobs teases it as Web 3.0. Nice.

As soon as I saw it, I reacted in my usual manner – by writing terribly amateur poetry.

note on receipt

Oh, and while I’m mentioning useless web sites, here’s one I launched into the void on Twitter the other day, declaring it exactly what scientists and the military were thinking when they invented the Internet. Thanks to Dooce for the continued heads-up on pointless Internet locations.

You appear to be a reader of my blog. Are you paying attention to the widgets on the side? I have one that is called Great Photos, and there I share with you oodles of wonderful photography that I see each day. I tag my favorites in and run the RSS feed through that widget. Then you can see shots like this and like this. Admittedly I’m a heavy tagger of a few favorite photographers, like Kathleen Connally and Jonathan Greenwald, but so what? We all have our favorites . . .