Teacher Talk: What gets you?

by Mr. Sheehy

I’ve begun a weekly podcast just to communicate once a week with all my students. Though I realize they may not listen to it, I wanted the opportunity just to talk to them, to offer conversation about whatever was on my mind. I experience so much of my life in their presence (their collective presence, anyway) that I have no shortage of observations or conversation points. I often offer these tidbits to readers of my blog, but rarely do I offer them directly to my students, who constitute an audience worthy of direct address. While at times I’ve written letters to my students, for the most part this conversation area has not been a place where students would want to come.

My initial idea is to quadruple post these podcasts – the same article will go on each of the mother blogs we use for classes – and while this idea seems labor intensive and idiotic, that may be because it is. But is it the same thing to drop a one word link back here to listen to the podcast as to arrive on the blog they’d see and simply see the podcast? Today I say no, so you can hear this podcast here, here, and here. Why post it here, then? I think because I’d like to be able to track these through time, and this is the one blog spot that will not change as the years rotate and classes alter.

My students do not have to listen to these, which may mean they won’t, but I thought I’d give it a try.

Weekly Gab: What gets you?

This week’s audio quality is a bit low, but it keeps the file size small. I’ll make it a bit better next week.



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