A glitch that benefits kids

by Mr. Sheehy

Here I am first block of every day, with five of us sitting in a room. One is reading Into the Wild, one Friday Night Lights, and two are finishing up “The Most Dangerous Game.” The low number is a scheduling glitch, caused by the accommodation we make in the block schedule for the music program, but this glitch may be how these four get through 9th grade English.

What if, instead of high powered grants and programs and charter schools and other politically charged ideas, we just took some of the struggling students and put them in tiny classes where teachers could individualize curriculum and nag them so they couldn’t avoid us?

It certainly  makes me teach differently. All my presentations and public speaking antics fall flat on an audience of three, and I am forced to get personal, pulling up a desk beside two young men and explaining an assignment. And if one falls asleep, I have the time to sit next to him and wake him up every 30 seconds. Some students need a glitch like this – why not do it on purpose?


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Original image: ‘And I thought latch key kids had it bad‘   by: darwin Bell