A student tells Shakespeare’s story

by Mr. Sheehy

I am struggling to describe how I feel about this video. One of my 9th graders created it in response to Romeo and Juliet, completing the assignment by choosing 15 lines from the play and displaying them creatively. He obviously achieved the creativity and demonstrated his skill with the movie making software. My total awe concerns the other request I made of students. I asked them to convey the play’s flow and development, and Zach’s representation of that choked two other teachers and me up (and I was watching it for the 6th time). But realize, we were not choked up out of pride for what one student did (though I couldn’t be prouder), but choked up from the story he tells. He tells the story – nailing the turning point and the emotional change in the play, dropping me in tragic misery at the end. Says Mr. Lore, “He gets it.”

I don’t know if Teacher Tube captures the emotion since I had to downgrade the quality for posting, but even if it simply comes close, it’s remarkable.