Research as support for better certification programs

by Mr. Sheehy

I’ve been looking into my latest paper for grad school lately – the proposed changes to the teacher certification process – and the research portion of this will not be a simple case of diving into databases and snooping through other people’s works cited lists. I have found oodles of information about the kind of alternative programs that do not work, but I have not been able to find research or articles supporting better ideas and programs. This topic must reach close to politics, because this result is a lot like political nonsense we see – lots of reasons why things are wrong or bad, but not so many great ideas to substitute for them.

I nosed around at Colorado State University’s website, examining their Post Bachelor’s Teacher Licensure program, but knowing it is there does not help me make a recommendation. I might, however, gather material on it and suggest it as a model for what could work. That feels weak to me in that I wouldn’t have direct research to back up my thinking, only transferred ideas from other research results.

I looked to Colorado State because they used to run a program called Project Promise, and the program through which I earned certification was modeled after it. In an effort to gather more persuasive research, I sent an email to Colorado State University asking about their current programs for post-Bachelor’s students, but I am not expecting much response since I did not have a particular contact to pursue.

More promising is the gal who runs my old program. She has always been an eager help and has offered to chat with me and funnel resources my way. I’ll look forward to seeing what she can offer me, as I’m sure she’s had to defend her program so much that her cabinets are swelling with research . . .