Gender and education: Provenzo surveys it

by Mr. Sheehy

I don’t have a unique perspective on gender and education, but I do find it interesting that I’ve moved from a job consisting of entirely men (I filled time between jobs doing furniture delivery – I’ve never seen a female furniture delivery person) to a department of 80% women. I can say for sure that my colleagues now are aware of things that I never notice, as a man. They are sensitive to different classroom discipline issues and issues with management in ways I didn’t see before, and I enjoy working with them so I can see these trends. Especially in the way of classroom management, being a man and being tall(ish – 6’2″), makes my life tremendously easier than my for my female, 5’4″ colleagues. An attitude exists in our culture, not necessarily stated, that favors me.

As for homosexuality, which Provenzo also surveys, I am not willing to address it in a published context. There are certain issues in our culture that are so loaded in either direction (and I emphasize either), that to say anything earns a person labels and ends dialogue. The conversation from both ends is so immature and dishonest that I refuse to engage in it unless I am fully confident in my fellow conversants’ motives. I have opinions, but I am not naive enough to share them here.


Provenzo, E.F. (2002). Teaching, learning and schooling: A 21st century perspective. Boston, MA: Allyn & Bacon.