Mothers at a Playground – a poem

by Mr. Sheehy


Mothers at a Playground

What if, instead of a rugby team crashing
in the Andes mountains of Chile,
these moms here
at the playground
were trapped together?

There, at the picnic table munching
at her children’s Happy Meals as they spin
satisfied on the merry-go-round,
a thief.

Unwittingly, she’d snitch
through the rations while listening
to the radio for help.

But in front of her,
with the magazine-cover looks, puffing
a cigarette like an inhaler, barking
with the Wolfman’s scratch at her daughter
the savior,

Toughened by life,
prepared for desperation,
able to climb a mountain
to run for help
because it is nothing new.


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Original image: ‘Rings‘ by: Jaaaaaaaaaaaaay