Andy Carvin on where to begin

by Mr. Sheehy

This sounds so familar! It’s what I teach my students to do – begin with the middle, and worry about that introduction later. It’s also a good reminder to students frustrated with organizing an essay that learning to organize writing is a relevant lesson.

On most occasions, when I have something to say, I just write it. I don’t think it through; I don’t craft outlines or strategies. I just start typing. Sometimes I’ll skip the opening paragraph and write the middle first, then go back to write the intro, since the intro needs to set the stage for the bulk of the story – and I don’t always know what the story will be until I write it. On rare occasions I take a few notes prior to writing, but that only happens when I’m writing about a complex topic and I don’t want to forget about a certain point I need to make.

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