Conjoined Twins

by Mr. Sheehy

“Hey, I’ve got that new video from the Headless Gringos. Wanna hear it?”

“Yeah – give me an ear.” Greg removed the white headphone from his right ear and handed it to Solomon, who slipped in the pounding ear piece. The two sat at a table in the library, ‘researching.’

“I love this part,” Greg whispered. “He punches through his snare and his stick hooks a fish. The whole thing morphs into Finding Nemo.”

“Nice. Let me see that again.”

“Okay, but just once. I gotta go get a book source. I can’t fail this class or my mom will kill me.”

“I’ll come with you,” Solomon volunteered and started to get up. Greg hadn’t seen him move, however, and when the headphones grew taut, his piece proved to be looser and yanked from his ear.

“Ow! Where are you going!”

“To get your book. We can watch it behind the shelves anyway.”

“Fine, but you’re buying me new headphones. Give that piece back.”

“Whatever,” Solomon dismissed. “I haven’t heard the rest of the song. And you know Sheehy doesn’t care that we’re listening right now. He totally saw you earlier.” With that, the conversation ended, Greg reinserted his left earphone, and the technologically conjoined twins walked across the library in search of their eduction.

Mrs. Wakima leaned in to whisper in Mr. Sheehy’s ear. “I assume you’ve seen the bobbsey twins over there.”

“Yeah,” he responded. “I can’t bear to stop such dedication to the music. If they ask to go to the bathroom, I’ll put a stop to it.”