Election Catharsis

by Mr. Sheehy

Okay, so I’m a radio geek. Butother people think these things are funny too (like my radio geek brother-in-law). My wife caught this one on Marketplace (on the radio, not a podcast – what a crazy way to consume media) and told me to find it because she knew I’d find it hysterical. Of course, she didn’t have to overextend to predict that, since when I did work in radio as an afternoon announcer, I ran for governor of South Dakota. I had advertisements and everything. I even delivered an attack speech with fake crowd noise.

So with Marketplace’s spoof, my wife predicted I’d play it in my classes on election day (tomorrow) if I heard it, and she’s right. I am a teacher dedicated to my students’ learning, but I am also just about as dedicated to their amusement.