Choose your company

by Mr. Sheehy

I am aware that schools are not going to be the first to jump into the technical arena. It’s too fragmented and financially strapped as an industry to more than spotty in its technical development; I am not naive enough to believe otherwise. But still, I always hoped that we in educuation would be able to beat the politicians to the coolest stuff.

I feel a little competitive about this, of course, because I have good friends who have worked in DC and told me some hysterical stories about technically inept Senators trying to operate computers and discuss the interet: “Someone sent me an Internet last night,” declared one Senator. “And I didn’t get it until this morning.” And though I don’t have the stats available, I would appreciate it if someone computed the percentage of Senators with computers on their desks on Capitol Hill. Somehow, the numbers wouldn’t quite match us here in education-land.

But some of those in politics have now done something way cooler and more important that I am doing in class, as Andy Carvin explains. These digitally savvy Minnesotans have driven the political debate somewhere more helpful than static websites and horrendous advertisements: to Web 2.0.

But what lesson can I pull away from seeing the political debate go interactive?

That it pays to be surrounded by savvy people. Every Senator with no laptop is surrounded by aides with beeping blackberries and bulging email boxes. Choose your company – they may carry you places you didn’t know you could walk.

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