If “beauty is truth,” what are we doing?

by Mr. Sheehy

As a class starter today, I’d like you to visit the Dove website and watch the video on the front page. When you first load the page, be patient and wait for the words “evolution” and “play film” to appear. Then click and view.

I would like you to discuss this video in a blog article and I have given you the following questions to guide your thinking. Please respond to these questions and feel empowered to follow your own train of thought into a slightly tangental contemplation.

  • What is the significance of this video? In our culture? In your life?
  • Why is the process displayed in the video necessary? (That is, why does this take place?)
  • How do each of us perpetuate the myth this video expresses?
  • In what ways is this video true, even if it is a theatrical recreation?

After you finish your blog article, I’d like you to copy your best line – the line that expresses your most insightful thought – and post it as a comment to this article. That way, when we’ve finished, we should be able to glance at the comments to this article to see the best of our thinking about this video. When posting your comments, leave the URL of your blog in the website box so readers can click on your name and see your blog.